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DexTopia provides fast and reliable trading tools to simplify your DeFi trading experience. Our platform is built by traders for traders, with the aim to have all your trading needs in one ecosystem; from multi-charts and limit orders to bridges and launchpads all under one roof.

DexTopia will be the first DEX platform to offer Trailing Stops!

30% of the platform profits to be shared with DTA holders!

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Trade like an expert.

Our tools will take you to the next level.

Market Overview.

Dextopia provides a clear market overview per chain. Filter your preferred selections like volume, liquidity, etc. from all DEXes. On top of that, DexTopia creates farming market overviews which gives you a clear view of where you can get the highest yields.


With the TradingView charts and multi-charts you are always up to date so you can analyze your positions.

Limit/Stop-Loss Orders.

Set specific targets to buy/sell your positions and set stop-loss orders to sell when the price falls below a certain percentage.

Control Tools.

Mint different types of contracts directly on the main-net of the selected chain and receive an audit badge directly on our LaunchPad. Check other contracts with our rugchecker to ensure you don't buy into a scam project. Mint NFTs and much more!

Launchpad & Locks.

Find the newest launches on different chains or launch your own token and lock it directly in our lockers.


Multi-chain bridges allow you to quickly transfer funds between different chains without having to leave the DexTopia platform.

Trailing Stops.
(The first on DEX!)

Traders can enhance the efficacy of a stop-loss by pairing it with a trailing stop, which is a trade order where the stop-loss price isn't fixed at a single, absolute dollar amount, but is rather set at a certain percentage or dollar amount below the market price.


Contract Tools.

Use our Swap Aggregator for the different DEXes connected to our platform for free! Together with the real time chart you can trade directly via the DexTopia Swap, and the best thing is that there are no extra fees taken!

Trading support tools.

To make trading even easier you can store your favorites and open them directly in a multi-chart window, have your wallet information next to the chart, and set notifications for when specific tokens/coin reaches a set price. Additionally, with our new pair overview, you can be the first to check out and enter the latest trends in the market in our trends page which uses different matrixes to ensure you are up to date. APIs will be created so you are able to link the latest data to your own tools or use our Telegram and Discord bots to get price information or new pairs.



DexTopia Token.

Token Symbol


Contract Address


Total Supply


Overview Buy/Sell Tax (12%):

DTA Rewards = 3%
Liquidity = 3%
Marketing and Development = 6%

Tax Allocations:

5% Private Sale
15% Team Wallet
10% Marketing, Development & Donations
16% Presale
54% Liquidity

Profit Allocations

Fees and advertisement earnings will be the main source of income for the DexTopia platform. 30% of the profit the DexTopia team makes will be shared with its holders. Thus, it's very important that our community works together to get more people using the platform. More users mean more income from advertisements and fees, and the more profit the team can share with their holders!

How will the 30% profit be distributed?
Each first on the month our system will make a snapshot of all the DTA holders. If you hold by the end of that month the same or more DTA you will be eligible to receive part of the profits. The allocation is based on the amount of DTA you hold. So, if you hold 10% of the total supply you will receive 3% of the total profit.

  • The profits will be allocated to DTA holders' wallets automatically in BUSD
  • Payments will be done before the 15th of each next month
  • You would need to own at least 500 USD worth of DTA token
  • Team, marketing & development wallets are all blacklisted and thus will not receive any allocations
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